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Enter your client's Basic Information to begin quoting. All fields in this box are required. To consider age and face limit restrictions, ensure the quoter is unlocked (click Unlock in the Menu bar, if that option isn't there, you're unlocked!). For more advanced / customizable quotes (including quotes based on health profile), use Best Plan Pro.

About This Tool

This free quoter is brought to you by the makers Best Plan Pro. For more detailed quotes or health screening, use Best Plan Pro (save $30/month)

Face Amounts

You can quote 1-5 different face amounts at the same time! Just enter the face amounts you want to process.


There are several ways of looking at this data. For the first 2 options, the monthly price is sorted by lowest first. You can sort the table by clicking/pressing on the heading you'd like to sort by. Alternatively, you can sort by Product Details. In there, you'll be able to see the different modal prices carrier-by-carrier. If no quotes are visible, adjust the product/age. Please note that this tool does not process face value restrictions or other underwriting data...just provides quotes at the desired face amounts.